These were the first rides of the club before it was a club.  It's unfortunate that we don't have more pictures than these because 10 or 20 years from now they will be real treasures!

November 1997 Ride

novride-1.jpg (60469 bytes)

Jackie Phillips outside the Rock Store.  If you've never made this ride, you are in for an experience!


novride-2.jpg (65126 bytes)

Jackie and Beverly Phillips, outside the Rock Store again!

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The December 1997 Ride

decride-1.jpg (66875 bytes)

From left to right: Beverly Phillips, Ron Phillips, John (Steelhorse)???, Mark Hudkins, and Pete Gorham


decride-2.jpg (62317 bytes)

Well we're not sure why, but here's the same picture without the riders!

decride-3.jpg (61850 bytes)

Yep, you're right...there's a bike missing.  Can you tell who must have been late?  We can!

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The March 1998 Ride

marride-1.jpg (65184 bytes)

Hey, a lot more bikes than in December!


marride-2.jpg (66778 bytes)

From left to right: Randy, Warren (?), Linda Lunney, and Mark Hudkins


marride-3.jpg (70561 bytes)

In this pic we have from left to right; Randy, Linda Lunney (back to us), Pete Gorham in front of Linda, with Ron Phillips on the other side if Pete...I don't know who is bending over there...but off to the left that's Bob "Bullhead City" Holub talking to Mark Hudkins.  Whew!

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