The following information was passed along to us here at SCSR by Ronn Self.  While we have no personal knowledge of this problem (its brand-new news to us), Ronn is a well known ACE advocate and supporter.   We have no reason to not believe what he says here.  If there isn't a problem with your bike, you'll know through a close inspection.  If it is valid, then we want you all to be aware of it now!

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Hi: My name is Ronn Self. I ride a '97 VT1100C2 Honda Shadow ACE. I am sending this email requesting that you add your name to an electronic petition list to express to Honda USA that the "T" series Yuasa battery be recalled and replaced along with any repairs necessary to swingarm, driveshaft, wheels or rims for Honda ACE's; regardless of warranty status.

The Honda ACE uses a unique "T" shaped Yuasa Battery - HYB16A series. This battery has a design flaw that causes battery fluid to exit via the vent tube and spray acid onto painted and chrome surfaces on the rear of the ACE. Honda USA and Yuasa admit that the problem exists and are working toward a solution. However, there are many of these batteries in use, and, as a motorcyclist, I want to ensure that all Users receive equal treatment regardless of whether their bike is "out of warranty".  You can help by simply providing me with an email indicating your support and the following info:

1. Your name (please...actual name, not an "email handle".
2. Your City/State.
3. Your scooter type.
4. Your email address.

Note: This information WILL NOT be used for commercial purposes, sold via a mail list or used in any other way other than to indicate that you support our collective efforts for a recall of the aforementioned battery.

You can email me directly at:

You can find additional information at my forum site:

Your assistance and support is appreciated. Perhaps a collective voice will ensure that all ACE owners will receive a new battery and repairs to their scooters. Your voice can make a difference. Please take time. 

If you are an active member of a local club or regularly visit with groups of other bikers...please ask them for their support. It isn't necessary that you own an ACE or have this "T" battery configuration...your support as a fellow rider will bolster our voice that scooter riders of other Hondas are supporting their ACE friends.

Kindest Regards,
Ronn Self

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