Welcome to the Road Captain's Garage for the Southern California Shadow Riders (SCSR).  SCSR's web page where you'll find information on any thing concerning SCSR rides, non SCSR rides in the southern California area (that we know about), as well as news, and any other information the Road Captains wish to pass along. Note: This page is now being maintained by Mark Hudkins
in case there is anything of interest you would like me to post.
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The next SCSR club meetings:

A map to John's for John's Restaurant

A map to the Gold Course for Los Feliz Golf Course

A map to Pano's for Pano's (a place we meet at some times)

A map to Granny's Doughnutsfor Granny's in Lakewood

for Cycle Gear ( Formerly Accessories Unlimited)


Scheduled SCSR Rides:

10/30/99 We will meet at 9 A.M. on Saturday, take some time to
look around Cycle Gear, and leave around 9:30 A.M. for
either Bouquet Canyon or Ojai (or anywhere else folks
might like).
We are going to try to schedule rides for the second saturday of each month...Ille keep you posted. 

Mark Hudkins


Non-SCSR rides and events:

Please note that many of these non-SCSR rides are alerted to us through the Ride Line - E-line.   The Ride Line is sponsored by AIM and the Law Offices of Richard M.Lester!  If you've been injured in a motorcycle accident, or have a legal Question, give 'em a call at 1800-ON-A-BIKE or 800-531-2424.  Yes, I do filter what's offered on the ride line posting what I think will be of interest to our members.  So you might want to get the ride line direct.  :)
Every Wednesday Night - Granny's Doughnuts on the corner of South and Woodruff in Lakewood.  There's a group of locals that meet there.   Not big...from about 15 to 30 bikes, but the Captain tries to make it every week.   Mostly Harley, but Shadows and other bikes are there and welcome.  Older age group too...average age is in the 40 to 50s.  But a real nice group of guys to sit around and drink coffee with.  A map to Granny's is above.

No member of the club or any non-member participating has had an  accident on an SCSR ride!  That's since December of 1997 when we had our first ride!   Way to go boys and girls!

If you have an event or ride you'd like us to let our members (and others) know about, drop the Road Captain a note and we'll post it here.


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